Of dots and lines: a tale about people


There are two kinds of people in the world: Those who believe there are two kinds of people in the world and those who don’t.

Robert Benchley

How many “There are two kinds of people” phrases have you heard? I bet that it’s more than a dozen. Even so, it is a pretty solid model of the world, and there are way too many coincidences for it to be wrong: men and women, day and night, heat and cold. Today, I’d like to explore something else. I’d like to talk about the employer-employee symbiosis, but in a rather unusual way.

Once upon a time, there was a Dot. It was big, it was round, and it just was.


Then, there was a Line. It was long, it was flat, and it also…was.


One day, the Line noticed that there was another dot. It was also big, it was also round, but something was…different about it.


And so the Line decided to reach out to the dot. It did not know – yet – what could come out of it, but it did anyway.


Something happened that moment. The two dots were no longer separate. They now had a connection. They had a way to communicate, and the Line was happy about it.

The Line saw that there were other dots, and it started thinking: what could happen, if it were to connect those Dots with each other? What could they do together?


The Green dot said: “Hey, I’ve heard about the Red dot. Let’s try to talk to him!”.

The Line listened to the Green dot, and reached out to the Red dot. The Line told the Red dot that the Green dot wanted to get in touch with it, and the Red dot was happy about it.


And so now the Green dot and the Red dot were connected by the Line.

Some time has passed, and the Line got bored. “What else can I do?” it thought.

The Line asked the Green and the Red dot: “Hey, what do you think if we gather and do some cool stuff?”.

The dots agreed, and the Line started working.

The Line worked hard, asking the dots to do different things: become small, become big, become bright and become pale. It worked and worked, until one day a Yellow dot appeared.


“Hey, where did you come from?” asked the Line.

“You tell me!” said the Yellow dot.

The Line saw what it could do. It was not a Line anymore. Now, it has a bigger, higher purpose: to connect as many dots as possible and to create new dots, never seen or heard of before.


Meanwhile, the Blue dot silently observed the Line as it worked. “Hey, I saw what you did there! I wanna talk with the Red one!” it said.

And the Line went to work again, shifting the dots between each other and giving them purpose. What will come out of this? Who knows. But something never came out of nothing. So either you become the one to connect the dots, or become the one lines would be interested in connecting with.

The world is big enough, and there will always be need in new lines and new dots – ultimately, it does not matter whether you’re a dot or a line.  But are you doing your best to become the biggest, brightest dot or the thickest, longest line out there? That is the question you have to answer yourself. And if you’re not satisfied with who you are – can it be that you’re connecting the wrong dots, or using the wrong lines?

Of dots and lines: a tale about people

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